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Functional Assessment of Verbal Reasoning and Executive Strategies

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Author: Sheila MacDonald MCl.Sc. Reg. CASLPO SLP(C)

Announcing… A test to evaluate adolescents’ higher level cognitive-communication skills!!

Test Overview

The S-FAVRES was carefully constructed with input from speech-language pathologists, adolescents, teachers, and experts in adolescent development and brain injury.

The S-FAVRES is based on research evidence that has identified the need for an adolescent measure that:

Features of the S-FAVRES

  • Functional tasks
  • Real life amounts of information (text, discourse, multiple factors)
  • Context
  • Roles/Perspectives/Points of View
  • Multiple Stimuli
  • Integrative Functions
  • Novel Tasks
  • Emotional Content
  • Interaction with Examiner

Reasoning Subskills Examined

  • Getting the Facts
  • Eliminating Irrelevant Information
  • Weighing the Facts
  • Flexibility
  • Predicting Consequences
  • Generating

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